We have been Panty Trust Verefied..However we are currently not showing on the PT site due to circumstances beyond our control, but please dont let that stop you! D&D xxx

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Welcome to my sexy site!

I'm Danielle ..a genuine housewife..  London  born and bred, and in my naughty forties, with juicy panties that I want to share with you.

Would you like to be my Panty Lover?

 Take a look at my 
Knickers & Thongs page ..I have only listed some basic styles as I have LOADS more in my panty drawer,  so if you have a special request -eg, a specific material, colour, style or size-  I'm sure I can find exactly what you  want.  

I also have a separate page of gorgeous bra & knicker sets.
Click here to see what I have in store for you..but dont forget, theres more where they came from ;)

As well as sexy  pics galore, Order Form you will receive a cum covered candy lollipop  and 1 naughty x-rated photo with every knicker order .  See my 
Knickers & Thongs  page.

Fancying a Secret Affair date with your Dani? I'd give you my phone number for *text chat* through the day + photos of me being a sexy bitch...

Subs, Losers & Pathetic Pervs?.. you deserve a little HUMILIATION from Mistress Dani. I'll degrade you and belittle you.. I'll send you back under the rock that you crawled from....are you up to it? Order a pair of Panties with Humiliation and bow down in front of such a GODDESS!

Whatever you enjoy..you can enjoy it with me xx


Danielle xxx