Hey guys, Danielle here, thanks for visiting my site, welcome to Hot Housewives Dirty Knickers


Hey, I'm Danielle. I'm quite new to this.. For years I thought I was alone in my panty fetish,  and how wrong I was!  I would deliberately leave my dirty knickers at boyfriends houses so that I could imagine the boys finding them... holding them... sniffing them.. wanking with them....      
I had an idea..... and Hot Housewives Dirty Knickers is the result.

 I think there's nothing hotter than slipping on a pair of clean knickers at your request,  and then go about my day,  thinking about them soaking up my mouth watering scent, and sexy juices for someone else to enjoy. I am very open minded, but I haven't told my husband as I would like to enjoy this secret just with you. 

 I am  5'2" tall,  43  and a housewife. While my husband is at work, I can be found walking the dog or at the gym toning up my fabulous body, and taking pictures for you guys. I have  gorgeous long dark blonde hair, with a 32GG  bust,  25" waist and  36" hips, and am a size 10.

 I am a 

I am not a model,  or work (or have worked) in the adult industry, and I take all my own photos. 

I wear every pair of knickers for at least 24 hours. Most days will usually include a gym workout, or bicycle ride, and I wear the same pair to bed. When each pair of gorgeous panties are soaked with my scent and juice, I will seal them in an press sealed bag.  I also LOVE to take photos throughout the day, I will send them to you as we take them,  for no extra charge.

 I sell our dirty knickers for fun, and its not a business..with this in mind, I have kept my pricing simple. Every pair of sexy worn panties, with personalised intimate photos, are just one price,  which includes p&p within the UK.

You can personalise your order with extra time worn, pee scent, period or poop stained, and other options by sending me a message in the contact form when ordering. Most extra items are only £8.  Check out my 
price list here..  Message me with any further requirements and, if I agree to them, I will let you know the price in return e-mail. Let me know what turns you on, it turns me on to do it for you.

I ship internationally, in discreet packaging.  Recorded delivery prices on request.  

***I am  Panty Trust verified, so you can buy from me with confidence. It is in me interest to be utterly confidential & trustworthy.. you're happiness is important to me! ***