Hey guys, Danielle & Debbie here, thanks for visiting our site, welcome to Hot Housewives Dirty Knickers

Hi, I'm Debbie.. I have always been a panty girl, ever since my first boyfriend first begged to wear my underwear when we had sex, and we had a LOT of sex. It became our 'thing', and the dirtier the knickers, the dirtier the sex..and I love it when its pretty filthy.  It's always made me so horny to think of someone sniffing or wearing my underwear, wrapping them round their hard cock and cumming all over them. SO sexy. Selling them was just the natural next step.  I stopped selling when I got married, but always missed it..but when my secret came out to Danielle, and she revealed her own fetish, I had an idea....

Hey, I'm Danielle. I'm quite new to this.. For years I thought I was alone in my panty fetish,  and how wrong I was! Debbie & I have been friends for a long time , but it was only when Debbie revealed her secret panty life that I blurted my own love of all things underwear. I told her how I would deliberately leave my dirty knickers at boyfriends houses so that I could imagine the boys finding them... holding them... sniffing them.. wanking with them....      
Debbie made a  suggestion... and Hot Housewives Dirty Knickers is the result.

 We think there's nothing hotter than slipping on a pair of clean knickers at your request,  and then go about our days,  thinking about them soaking up our mouth watering scent, and sexy juices for someone else to enjoy. Both of us are very open minded, but we haven't told our husbands as we would like to enjoy this secret just with you. 

 Danielle is   5'2" tall,  43  and a housewife. While her husband is at work, she can be found walking the dog or at the gym toning up that fabulous body, and taking pictures for you guys. She has gorgeous long dark blonde hair, with a 32GG  bust,  25" waist and  36" hips, and is a size 10.

 Debbie is 42, 5'9" with long blond hair.  She is a housewife,but sometimes covers as a PA in a law firm where she takes great pleasure in knowing that beneath the quiet professional exterior, there is a secret naughty side her colleagues don't know.  Debbie wears a size 12, has 34E bust, 28" waist, and 36" hips.

We are non-smokers.

We are not models,  or work (or have worked) in the adult industry, and we take all our own photos. 

We wear every pair of knickers for at least 24 hours. Most days -especially Danielle- will usually include a gym workout, or bicycle ride, and we wear the same pair to bed. When each pair of gorgeous panties are soaked with our  scent and juice, we will seal them in an press sealed bag.  We also LOVE to take photos throughout the day, we will send them to you as we take them,  for no extra charge.

 We sell our dirty knickers for fun, and its not a business..with this in mind, we have kept our pricing simple. Every pair of sexy worn panties, with personalised intimate photos, are just one price,  which includes p&p within the UK.

You can personalise your order with extra time worn, pee scent, period or poop stained, and other options by sending us a message in the contact form when ordering. Most extra items are only £8.  Check out our
price list here..  Message us with any further requirements and, if we agree to them, we will let you know the price in return e-mail. Let us know what turns you on, it turns us on to do it for you.

We ship internationally, in discreet packaging.  Recorded delivery prices on request.  

***We are  Panty Trust verified, so you can buy from us with confidence. It is in our interest to be utterly confidential & trustworthy.. you're happiness is important to us! ***