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This is our current selection of gorgeous knickers & thongs..we hope you find something you like.

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We are always updating and adding new items to our collections, so pop by again soon. Please also take a peek at our Bra & Panty Sets page...Gorgeous  bras and knickers just waiting for you! 

​FREE Pussy Pop & Pic..
Every knicker order comes with a free Pussy Pop and  very naughty x-rated photo!
Order a pair of  Sexy or Satin Knickers, not only will we  send you AT LEAST 10 sexy pictures of us in the knickers,  but you will also receive a cum covered candy lollipop, and a totally juicy x-rated photo sent directly to your twitter or email account.

Danielles panties are generally a size UK8-10. Debbie wears a size UK12-14

Dani wears black sheer thong (s)

(s) = Synthetic

(c) = Cotton or Cotton Mix

Sexy Panties ..£22 inc Photos & Pussy Pop

Danielle wears navy blue lacy Brazilians (S)

EXTRA LARGE! Debbie wears size 16  plum satin panties

Debbie wears purple floral Fullbacks  (c)

Danielle wears Bright Pink Frilly panties (s)

Deb wears Red string (c)

Dani wears white spotty panties (c)

Danielle wears cream lace with pink tanga panties (s)

Dani wears peacock thong (s)

Debbie wears cream lace with gold shorts (s)

Deb wears black panties with pink lace (s)

Deb wears  neon thong (s)


Dani wears white lacy brazilians (s)

Dani wears pale pink  thong with lace (s)

Deb wears leopard print thong (s)

Dani wears Kisses Full Back Panties (c)

Dani wears mint panties (s)

Double Trouble Deal! 

Can't decide who to choose? Have a double date with Debbie AND Danielle!

For one special price & you’ll receive a pair of juicy knickers each from Debbie & Daniel from our ‘Sexy’ collection. They'll be worn for 24hrs, with 2 extras each -with xrated naughty photos of course, a pussy pop & photo each, AND 3 more Xrated photos from both Deb & Dan.. along with a WHOLE DAY of cheeky photos of us in the knickers sent directly to you throughout the 24hrs.

Your ‘inbox’ will explode!!!

All this for just £80...How could you resist?

Dani wears  purple wavey briefs  (c)

Dani wears bright pink lacey brazillian panties (s)

Deb wears animal print sheer thong (s)

Dani wears pink stripey panties  (s)

Dani wears Red satin thong (s)

Debbie wears Navy string (c)

Dani wears Grey Tangas with pink flowers & lace (c)

Satin Panties for sale...£27 inc Pussy Pop

Debbie wears Spotty fullback panties  (c)

Deb wears purple fullbacks with pink lace (c)

Debbie wears elephant Full Back panties (c)

Dani wears electric blue sheer thong (s)