Are you Panty Trust Verified?

 Yes!  Although I am currently not on the website, I have been verified. I won't bore you guys with the details but apparently I don't chat enough to the other girls..who knew?! Don't worry, I am real,  and had been trading on there for almost a year, with no problems or complaints from our very happy customers  .

Are you doing this just for the money?

 Although a few pounds never go a miss, actually I am fairly comfortably off financially.. But I love lingerie, love the feel of the knickers tight against my pussy, and I am obviously a tad(!) of an exhibitionist. I absolutely LOVE the thought of a man (or woman) enjoying my knickers -  Obviously I do appreciate extra cash, but really its all part of the excitement.

Do you accept Paypal?

No, Paypal do not allow its use on Adult content sites. 

Do you accept Returns?

 Unfortunately due to the personal nature of the items, returns are not possible, but please contact me if you have any problems or queries, and I will do our best to resolve any issues.  Let us know if you would like the package tracked, or require special delivery,  and I will work out the price for you.